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Asbestos Testing

High Precision Monitoring and Analysis INC specializes in a variety of Asbestos Testing techniques. Asbestos is not visible to the naked eye.  A method called bulk sampling is used to test for asbestos. This method involves collection different samples of materials throughout the site. These samples viewed under a microscope to make a  report. Asbestos testing is a complex set of procedures. To an untrained person, attempting to remove any asbestos without proper safety procedures can be extremely hazardous. All of HPMA Inc. employees are certified to keep you, your home and them selves safe.

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Mold Testing

Mold is a type of fungi which thrives in dark and wet environments not necessarily both of these have to go hand in hand for this fungi to exist. Mold grows by eating the material it grows on. Materials such as Carpet, Paper, Clothe, Leather, Drywall Wood Insulation & Food. It’s best to have mold testing performed for you by a qualified mold professional. Hiring a professional mold tester who is experienced at collecting and analyzing mold samples will always lead to the most accurate results.

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Lead Testing

Lead is a natural element found in the depths of our planet. It can be found in small amounts within other metals such as ore, zinc, copper, and silver. Lead has the ability to take over and replace other metals in your body, such as zinc, calcium and iron in biochemical reactions. Once lead enters the human body, it knocks the proteins within our bodies, off their game. Lead interrupts calcium which assists in transmitting electrical impulses in the brain, which can cause detrimental effects on your  thinking ability and also a contributor to memory loss (Dementia).

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Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos was used in building materials prior to 1990. Asbestos is a microscopic fibre that when you expose your respiratory system, can be extremely detrimental to your health. This is why you want Qualified Personnel who will protect themselves along with properly utilizing their decontamination rooms as they enter and exit the containment areas to ensure that your environment remains clear of hazardous materials. HPMA is proud to be partnered with CSI Environmental Forensics to offer full service asbestos testing and abatement.

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